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50 Unique and Meaningful Baby Names That Start With Mac

The prefix “Mac” is seeing a serious surge in baby name popularity (rising Mac name popularity). While these names have strong Scottish and Irish roots (Scottish/Irish Mac name meanings), they’ve been embraced by parents everywhere for their solid, meaningful, yet modern vibe.

Whether you’re looking for a name with Celtic flair or just really dig that decisive “Mac” start, this guide will explore top Mac options (top Mac baby names) for both baby boys and girls. From vintage revivals to newly popular picks, you’re sure to find some perfect meaningful monikers on this list.

25 Strong, Masculine Mac Boy Names (strong masculine Mac boy names) (unique Mac names)

For boys, Mac names just ooze masculinity, confidence, and strength. These mighty monikers are sure to serve your son well:

  1. Macaulay – A Scottish surname name meaning “son of the colored and unseemly fellow” (Mac name meanings/origins).
  2. McCoy – An Irish surname meaning “descendent of the young high one” with cowboy swagger (vintage Mac name revivals).
  3. Maccabee – A Hebrew name referencing the rebel warriors who fought for Jewish freedom (Biblical/religious Mac names).
  4. Macon – A place name from Georgia with French roots and a quirky feel.
  5. MacKenzie – A classic Scottish surname name meaning “fair, bright one” (Scottish/Irish Mac name meanings).
  6. Macsen – The Welsh form of the Roman name Maximus, meaning “the greatest.”
  7. Malachi – From the Hebrew for “messenger of God,” a biblical name with that quintessential Mac start (Biblical/religious Mac names).
  8. Macco – A unique short form that could work for a little guy (uncommon Mac names).
  9. Maclain – A modern invented Mac name blend of Gaelic elements.
  10. Mackinley – An Americanized surname with that trendy “Mac” head start (unique Mac names).

Across this collection, you’ll find historic Scottish and Irish surname names, biblical picks, nature names, and modern mashups – all sharing that strong Mac prefix. Many work well for either first or middle name spots.

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25 Feminine and Empowering Mac Girl Names (feminine Mac girl names) (unisex/gender-neutral Mac names)

While the Mac kick may seem more tied to masculinity traditionally, there are actually many beautiful, feminine options for Mac baby girls too:

  1. Macey – A charming diminutive form of the surname Mackenzie (feminine Mac girl names).
  2. Mckenna – An Irish surname meaning “birth” or “fair one” commonly used for girls today (nature-inspired Mac names).
  3. Macallister – A bold Scottish surname picked up for girls as a first name.
  4. Mackenzie – This unisex Scottish classic meaning “fair, bright one” is a top pick for both genders (unisex/gender-neutral Mac names).
  5. Macaria – A Greek name referencing “blessed” that qualifies as a rare Mac gem (uncommon Mac names).
  6. Macy – A feminization of the surname Macey/Mackenzie that feels cheery and feminine.
  7. Maclyn – An invented merger of Mac and the feminine suffix lyn.
  8. Macilena – A unique global mashup merging Mac with a Spanish name element.
  9. Maccaela – A newly created Mac name blend with ties to Irish name elements.
  10. McCall – An American surname pick with tomboy charm (Scottish/Irish Mac name meanings).

Here is a table of 50 Baby Names That Start With Mac

1MacAllisterScottishSon of Alexander
2MacArthurScottishSon of Arthur
3MacaulayScottishSon of Olaf
4McCabeIrishSon of the warrior
5McCaffreyIrishSon of Godfrey
6McCallIrish/ScottishSon of Cathal (Battle mighty)
7McCartneyIrishSon of Cairteann (strong)
8McCormickIrishSon of Cormac (charioteer)
9MacdonaldScottishSon of Donald (World ruler)
10MacDonnellIrish/ScottishSon of Donnell (World mighty)
11McDowellIrish/ScottishSon of the dark stranger
12McFaddenIrishSon of the little fierce one
13McFarlandScottishSon of Parlan (Bartholomew)
14McGintyIrishSon of the fair one
15McGuireIrishSon of the speckled one
16McIntireScottishSon of the carpenter
17MacintoshScottishSon of the leader
18MackayScottishSon of Fire
19McKenzieScottishSon of Kenneth (Handsome)
20McKillopScottishSon of Philip
21McKinnonScottishSon of the Fair One
22McLeanScottishSon of Gillean (Servant of St. John)
23McLeodScottishSon of Leod (Ugly)
24MacMillanScottishSon of the Chaplain
25MacNeilScottishSon of Niall (Champion)
26MacPhersonScottishSon of the Parson
27MacTavishScottishSon of Thomas
28MaddenIrishSon of Madain (Little dog)
29MageeIrishSon of Aodha (Fire)
30MaguireIrishSon of Odhar (pale, sallow)
31MahoneyIrishSon of Mathghamhain (Bear)
32MaloneIrishServant of St. John
33ManningIrishSon of Manachan (Monk)
34McCarthyIrishSon of Carthach (Loving)
35McCormackIrishSon of Cormac (Charioteer)
36McCoyIrishSon of Aodh (Fire)
37McCulloughIrishSon of Cullach (Boar)
38McDermottIrishSon of Diarmaid (Free from envy)
39McDonaldScottishSon of Donald (World Ruler)
40McGeeIrishSon of Aodha (Fire)
41McGovernIrishSon of the Smith
42McGrathIrishSon of Prosperity
43McInnisScottishSon of Angus
44McIntyreScottishSon of the Wright (Carpenter)
45McKeeIrishSon of Aodh (Fire)
46McKennaIrishSon of Cionaodha (Born of Fire)
47McLoughlinIrishSon of Lochlann (Viking)
48McMahonIrishSon of the Bear
49McManusIrishSon of Manus (Great)
50McMillanScottishSon of the Chaplain

From classic unisex surnames to newly created fusions, there are so many ways to get that strong yet feminine Mac beginning for a daughter. The options showcase connections to nature, blessing meanings, ethnic origin stories, and more.

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Nickname Possibilities for Mac Names (Mac nickname name ideas)

One benefit of many Mac names? They come ready-made with cute built-in nickname options! (Mac name combinations)

Your formal Mackenzie could go by the sweet diminutives Kenzie, Kenz, or Kenz-y (Mac nickname name ideas). Maccabee could be Mack or Cabes. Malachi could rock Mal or Lachi.

And then of course, you have the classic option to simply call a Mac baby Mac or Mackie as an endearing nickname (Sibling Mac name sets). The possibilities abound!

Stellar Mac Middle Name Ideas (Mac middle name ideas)

While Mac makes a striking first name choice, it also works incredibly well as a middle name bridge:

  • Oliver Mac
  • Everly Mac
  • Jasper Mac
  • Amelia Mac
  • Elliott Mac
  • Josephine Mac

With that distinctive start, middle name Mac options just have an effortlessly cool flow (name combinations). It can be a nice way to uphold Scottish/Irish heritage in the middle spot while choosing another first name style.

Mac Names: The Total Package

Hopefully, this guide has shown you just how meaningful, unique yet accessible Mac names can be for either gender (Choosing a Mac baby name). From surname picks to newly created options, they offer so much variety in terms of origin, style, meaning, and theme.

Ultimately, whether you want a Scottish name nod, a Biblical pick, or just love the assertive sound, Mac names make wonderful modern baby selections.

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