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40 Unique and Meaningful Baby Names with X

Baby Names with X

Key Takeaways

  1. Discover the uniqueness and cultural richness of baby names starting with the letter X.
  2. Learn about the meanings and origins of each name, highlighting their significance.
  3. Explore a balanced list of 20 boy names and 20 girl names that are both unique and popular.
  4. Gain insights into current naming trends and considerations specifically for names starting with X.
  5. Receive practical tips on how to choose the perfect baby name for your child.


Baby names starting with ‘X’ possess a unique charm and rarity that sets them apart. In this article, we delve into 40 such names, exploring their meanings, origins, and the unique flair they bring. Whether you’re expecting a boy or a girl, this list is designed to offer a diverse range of names that are both timeless and contemporary.

The Appeal of Names Starting with X

Names beginning with the letter X are like hidden gems in the vast world of baby naming. They are unique, intriguing, and often carry a sense of strength and modernity. This section explores the various aspects that make these names so appealing.

1. Rarity and Exclusivity: Names starting with X are relatively rare, which can make them a desirable choice for parents seeking something unique for their child. This rarity adds a layer of exclusivity and distinctiveness to such names.

2. Cultural Significance: The letter X has varied cultural representations. In some cultures, it symbolizes the unknown or the mysterious, adding an intriguing aspect to names starting with this letter. In others, it might represent a strong, bold character trait.

3. Historical Roots: Some names with X have deep historical roots, tracing back to ancient civilizations or mythology. This historical connection can give these names a timeless quality and depth of character.

4. Multicultural Appeal: The letter X is found in various languages and cultures, from Greek to Chinese, giving these names a multicultural appeal. Parents might choose such names to reflect their heritage or to give their child a name with global resonance.

5. Modern and Trendy: Despite their historical roots, many X-starting names have a modern, trendy feel. They stand out in the crowd, which can be appealing in today’s world where unique identity is increasingly valued.

In summary, baby names with X offer a blend of uniqueness, cultural depth, and a modern appeal. They are not just names but a statement of individuality and heritage.

Section 2: Top 20 Baby Names with X

In this section, we explore 20 distinctive baby boy names that begin with the letter X. Each name is unique in its sound and comes with its own meaning and origin.

baby names with x
  1. Xavier: Of Basque origin, meaning “new house” or “bright.” This name is popular for its strong and cultured feel.
  2. Xander: A Greek name that is a diminutive of Alexander, meaning “defending men.” It’s a modern and shorter version of a classic name.
  3. Xeno: A name of Greek origin, meaning “foreign voice.” This name has a historical charm.
  4. Xerxes: Of Persian origin, this name means “ruling over heroes,” known for its royal and powerful resonance.
  5. Xylon: Greek for “wood” or “forest,” symbolizing a connection with nature.
  6. Xavi: A Catalan diminutive of Xavier, carrying a similar meaning of “new house” or “bright.”
  7. Xenos: From Greek, meaning “stranger” or “foreigner,” a name that implies adventure and uniqueness.
  8. Xian: A Chinese name, meaning “peaceful” or “tranquil,” reflecting serenity.
  9. Xerxio: A creative variant of Xerxes, maintaining the strong and historical feel.
  10. Xavien: A modern twist on Xavier, giving it a contemporary edge while keeping the traditional meaning.
  11. Xayne: A modern, invented name that sounds strong and distinctive.
  12. Xanthus: Greek in origin, meaning “golden-haired” or “yellow,” often associated with mythology.
  13. Xadrian: A fusion of the letter X with Adrian, offering a modern and unique feel.
  14. Ximon: Similar to Simon but with an X, adding uniqueness to a classic name.
  15. Xenoah: A modern, invented name, giving a fresh twist to the traditional ‘Xeno.’
  16. Xylonius: An extended form of Xylon, emphasizing its natural and earthy roots.
  17. Xalvador: A unique variant of Salvador with an X, adding a distinctive touch.
  18. Xakai: A modern and unique name, possibly inspired by Hawaiian or Pacific Islander cultures.
  19. Xerico: A rare and unusual name, possibly a creative variant of Jericho with an X.
  20. Xavius: A more elaborate form of Xavi, giving a grand and regal feel.

These names blend the unique character of the letter X with a range of cultural and historical influences, offering a fascinating array of choices for a baby boy.

Top 20 Baby Girl Names Starting with X

This section presents a curated list of 20 baby girl names starting with the enigmatic letter X, each accompanied by its meaning and cultural origin.

  1. Ximena: Of Spanish origin, this name means “listener” and is popular in Hispanic cultures.
  2. Xenia: A Greek name meaning “hospitality.” It has a classic and elegant ring to it.
  3. Xylia: Derived from the Greek word for “wood” or “forest,” similar to Xylon but with a feminine twist.
  4. Xanthe: Greek in origin, meaning “golden” or “yellow-haired.” It’s a name with a historical and mythical charm.
  5. Xiomara: Of Spanish origin, meaning “famous in battle.” It’s a strong and bold name choice.
  6. Xandra: A shorter and more modern variant of Alexandra, meaning “defender of mankind.”
  7. Xavia: A feminine version of Xavier, meaning “new house” or “bright.”
  8. Xena: Popularized by the TV warrior princess, this name has Greek origins and means “guest” or “stranger.”
  9. Xanadu: Inspired by the Mongolian city and Coleridge’s poem, it’s an exotic and poetic name.
  10. Xylona: Greek for “from the forest,” symbolizing a deep connection to nature.
  11. Xiara: A modern, invented name, evoking a sense of mystery and charm.
  12. Xenobia: Derived from Zenobia, a historical figure, this name carries a sense of strength and leadership.
  13. Xantara: An unusual and melodious name, possibly a modern creation, offering uniqueness.
  14. Xylina: Similar to Xylona, with a natural and earthy resonance.
  15. Xamira: A modern, unique name, possibly inspired by similar-sounding names like Samira.
  16. Xenaide: A rare and distinctive name, possibly a variant of Zenaida, which has Greek origins.
  17. Xanthia: Similar to Xanthe, meaning “golden” or “yellow-haired,” but with a slightly different phonetic twist.
  18. Xerena: A serene and beautiful name, reminiscent of Serena but with the unique X start.
  19. Xolani: Of African origin, meaning “please forgive,” a name with depth and emotional resonance.
  20. Xitlali: A name of indigenous Mexican origin, meaning “star.”

These names are not just unique because they start with X; they also carry rich meanings and cultural significance, making them special choices for a baby girl.

When selecting a baby name, especially one as distinctive as those starting with ‘X’, there are several trends and factors to consider:

1. Balancing Uniqueness and Pronunciation: Names beginning with X are inherently unique. However, it’s important to consider how easily the name can be pronounced and spelled by others. This balance ensures the name is both distinctive and practical.

2. Cultural and Historical Significance: Many names starting with X have deep cultural roots or historical significance. Parents might choose a name that reflects their heritage or one that has a meaningful story or character associated with it.

3. Future-Proofing the Name: Considering how the name might age with the child into adulthood is crucial. A name that is adorable for a baby might need to carry professional gravitas later in life.

4. Popularity Trends: Some names starting with X are gaining popularity, while others remain rare. Parents may choose to follow these trends or deliberately opt for a less common name to stand out.

5. Personal Significance and Preferences: Ultimately, the choice of a name often comes down to personal preference and significance. Whether it’s a name that sounds appealing, has a particular meaning, or carries a family legacy, these personal factors play a crucial role.


Names beginning with X offer a world of unique and intriguing choices for your child. These names are not just identifiers but can be a source of inspiration, strength, and identity. Whether drawn to these names for their rarity, cultural significance, or just their sound, parents who choose an X-name are giving their child a distinctive start in life.

We invite you to share your thoughts on these names or suggest other captivating X-names you know. Your insights can enrich this list and help other parents in their naming journey.

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