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120 Beautiful Peruvian Names for Boys and Girls

Choosing the perfect baby name is an exciting journey, and for families celebrating their Peruvian heritage, the options are abundant with rich cultural significance. Peruvian names beautifully blend the influence of Spanish colonization with the deep-rooted traditions of Indigenous civilizations like the Incas, creating a diverse and meaningful tapestry of monikers.

From the coastal regions to the soaring Andes mountains, Peru’s diverse geography has shaped its naming customs over centuries. Spanish names like Miguel, Diego, and Isabella intertwine seamlessly with Quechua and Aymara origins, honoring the pre-Columbian cultures that once thrived across this South American nation.

Whether you’re an expecting parent seeking to celebrate your Peruvian roots or a family blending Hispanic and other cultural influences, choosing the perfect Peruvian baby name is an opportunity to imbue your child’s identity with a rich, storied heritage.

60 Peruvian Names for Boys

The rich tapestry of Peruvian boy names reflects the country’s diverse cultural heritage, with Spanish influences beautifully intertwining with Indigenous roots. From strong, masculine monikers to names honoring revered historical figures, these names carry a sense of pride and tradition.

Many popular Peruvian boy names have their origins in Spanish, a legacy of colonization that left an indelible mark on the region’s naming customs. Names like Juan, Carlos, and Diego roll off the tongue with an unmistakable Hispanic flair.

At the same time, Peruvian parents often choose to honor their Incan and pre-Columbian ancestors by selecting names derived from the Quechua and Aymara languages. These unique monikers, such as Huayna, Manco, and Tupac, pay tribute to the nation’s Indigenous peoples and their enduring cultural impact.

Meaning and significance play a vital role in the selection of Peruvian boy names. Names like Salvador (savior), Mateo (gift of God), and Emiliano (rival) imbue a sense of strength, spirituality, or aspiration for the child’s future.

Here are 60 beautiful Peruvian boy names to consider for your little one:

  1. Alejandro (defending men)
  2. Alvaro (elf warrior)
  3. Andrés (manly, brave)
  4. Antonio (priceless one)
  5. Arian (very holy)
  6. Armando (army man)
  7. Bruno (brown-haired)
  8. Carlos (free man)
  9. César (long-haired)
  10. Daniel (God is my judge)
  11. David (beloved)
  12. Diego (supplanter)
  13. Emilio (rival)
  14. Esteban (crown, garland)
  15. Fabián (bean farmer)
  16. Felipe (lover of horses)
  17. Fernando (daring journey)
  18. Francisco (Frenchman)
  19. Gabriel (God is my strength)
  20. Gonzalo (battle, war)
  21. Guillermo (will helmet)
  22. Gustavo (staff of the gods)
  23. Hernán (warrior)
  24. Hugo (bright in mind and spirit)
  25. Ignacio (fire)
  26. Javier (new house)
  27. Joaquín (raised by God)
  28. Jorge (farmer, earth-worker)
  29. José (he will add)
  30. Juan (God is gracious)
  31. Julio (youthful, downy)
  32. León (lion)
  33. Liam (resolute protector)
  34. Lucas (bringer of light)
  35. Luis (famous warrior)
  36. Manco (ancient Incan name)
  37. Manuel (God is with us)
  38. Marco (warlike)
  39. Martín (warlike)
  40. Mateo (gift of God)
  41. Miguel (who is like God?)
  42. Nicolás (victor of the people)
  43. Óscar (deer friend)
  44. Pablo (small, humble)
  45. Pedro (rock)
  46. Rafael (God heals)
  47. Ramiro (wise counselor)
  48. Raúl (wolf counsel)
  49. Ricardo (brave power)
  50. Roberto (bright renown)
  51. Rodrigo (famous ruler)
  52. Salvador (savior)
  53. Samuel (name of God)
  54. Santiago (St. James)
  55. Sebastián (venerable)
  56. Sergio (servant)
  57. Tomás (twin)
  58. Tupac (you will shine – Incan royal name)
  59. Valentino (strong, healthy)
  60. Víctor (conqueror)

From classic Spanish choices like Juan and Diego to unique Indigenous monikers like Manco and Tupac, this diverse array of Peruvian boy names offers a rich exploration of the country’s fascinating cultural heritage and traditions.

60 Peruvian Names for Girls

Just as the soaring peaks of the Andes meet the crashing waves of the Pacific, Peruvian girl names blend diverse cultural influences into a breathtaking array of monikers. From soft, feminine Spanish selections to unique Indigenous choices steeped in ancient tradition, these names exude warmth, strength, and unmistakable beauty.

Many popular Peruvian girl names have their roots in the Spanish language, echoing the colonial impact on the region’s naming traditions. Melodic choices like Sofía, Isabella, and Valeria roll off the tongue with an unmistakable romantic flair.

At the same time, Peruvian families often honor their pre-Columbian Indigenous heritage by choosing names derived from Quechua, Aymara, and other native languages. Unique monikers like Killa (moon), Qouri (gold), and Ñusta (princess) pay homage to the Incan empire and its rich cultural legacy.

Meaning is paramount when selecting Peruvian girl names, with many carrying significance tied to nature, spirituality, or aspirations for the child. Names like Lucero (bright star), Paloma (dove), and Esperanza (hope) imbue a sense of beauty, peace, and optimism.

Here are 60 lovely Peruvian girl names to consider:

  1. Adriana (rich)
  2. Alejandra (defender of mankind)
  3. Alicia (noble, truthful)
  4. Ana (grace)
  5. Beatriz (she who brings happiness)
  6. Camila (attendant at sacred rites)
  7. Catalina (pure)
  8. Cristina (follower of Christ)
  9. Daniela (God is my judge)
  10. Diana (divine)
  11. Elena (bright one)
  12. Emilia (laborious)
  13. Esmeralda (emerald)
  14. Esperanza (hope)
  15. Eva (life-giver)
  16. Florencia (prosperous)
  17. Gabriela (God is my strength)
  18. Graciela (grace)
  19. Guadalupe (wolf valley)
  20. Inez (pure, chaste)
  21. Inés (pure, chaste)
  22. Isabella (devoted to God)
  23. Juana (God is gracious)
  24. Julia (youthful, downy-bearded)
  25. Killa (moon – Quechua)
  26. Laura (laurel plant)
  27. Lila (night)
  28. Liliana (lily)
  29. Lucero (bright star)
  30. Lucia (light)
  31. Luciana (light)
  32. Magdalena (of Magdala)
  33. Margarita (pearl)
  34. María (bitter, beloved)
  35. Marina (from the sea)
  36. Marta (lady)
  37. Micaela (who is like God?)
  38. Milagros (miracles)
  39. Mónica (adviser)
  40. Natalia (born at Christmas)
  41. Nayra (Incan princess name)
  42. Noelia (Christmas)
  43. Paloma (dove)
  44. Patricia (noble)
  45. Paulina (small, humble)
  46. Pilar (pillar)
  47. Qouri (gold – Quechua)
  48. Rafaela (God heals)
  49. Rosa (rose)
  50. Sara (princess)
  51. Silvia (from the forest)
  52. Sofía (wisdom)
  53. Soledad (solitude)
  54. Valentina (strong, healthy)
  55. Valeria (strength, health)
  56. Veronika (true image)
  57. Victoria (victory)
  58. Ximena (listener, hearing one)
  59. Yolanda (violet)
  60. Ñusta (princess – Quechua)

From quintessential Spanish picks like María and Isabella to unique Indigenous gems like Killa and Ñusta, these Peruvian girl names paint a vibrant picture of the nation’s diverse cultural tapestry.

Here’s the next section on tips for choosing the perfect Peruvian baby name:

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Peruvian Name

With such a rich tapestry of beautiful options, selecting the ideal Peruvian baby name can feel like an exciting yet daunting task. These tips will help guide you through the process of finding a name that beautifully honors your Peruvian roots and cultural heritage.

Explore Your Family History One of the most meaningful ways to choose a Peruvian baby name is to look into your own ancestry and family tree. Did any ancestors have names of Quechua, Aymara, or other Indigenous origins? Or perhaps there are Spanish names passed down through generations that could make for a perfect cultural connection.

Consider Name Meanings As we’ve seen, Peruvian names are imbued with deep symbolism and significance from a variety of influences. When narrowing down your choices,研究 the meanings behind top contenders. A name’s definition can provide a special message, hope, or aspiration for your child’s life journey.

Mind the Flow with Surnames In Peruvian naming customs, children often take the paternal surname followed by the maternal surname. How does your top name choice flow with your family’s surnames? Saying the full name out loud can help identify a naturally blended fit.

Honor Multiple Backgrounds For multicultural families, aim to select a first or middle Peruvian name that allows your child to celebrate their diverse ethnic makeup. A Peruvian name pairs beautifully with many other cultures’ monikers for a rich, unique blend.

Use Variants or Nicknames If a more unique, Indigenous Peruvian name feels too challenging for everyday use, consider using the full name formally while having a shortened Spanish variant or nickname for casual settings. This allows you to honor your heritage while keeping things pronunciation-friendly.

Ask for Input Attending a Peruvian cultural event, speaking to elders in your community, or even polling friends and relatives can provide meaningful feedback and insight on your name selections from those steeped in the traditions.

No matter which beautiful Peruvian baby name you ultimately choose, the mere act of embracing your ancestral heritage creates an invaluable connection for your child that will last a lifetime.


From the misty peaks of the Andes to the sun-drenched beaches of the Pacific coast, the rich tapestry of Peruvian baby names reflects the diverse cultural heritage that makes this South American nation so vibrant and captivating.

Whether you opt for a classic Spanish moniker like Diego or Isabella, or a more unique Indigenous choice like Manco or Ñusta, bestowing your child with a Peruvian name connects them to an ancient legacy of tradition, pride, and resilience.

Just as the Incan empire once united many tribes under one unified identity, these monikers weave together Hispanic influences with pre-Columbian roots, Quechua and Aymara language revivals, and centuries of multicultural blending. Each name carries profound meaning, from hopeful Lucero (bright star) to mighty Huayna (great ruler).

So embrace the opportunity to celebrate your Peruvian ancestry and the incredible global mosaic it represents. Pore over the meanings, flow them melodically with your family surnames, and perhaps even consult elders for their sacred insight.

In selecting the perfect Peruvian baby name, you imbue your child with an inextricable link to Peru’s enduring spirit – one that will ground them while allowing their own unique light to shine brighter than the mighty sun ascending over Machu Picchu.

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