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50+ Adorable Baby Names that Start with El

Looking to give your little one a fresh, unique baby name with an undeniably cool, vowel-starting sound? You’re in luck! Baby names starting with the sweetly simple syllable “El” are riding a hugely popular El names wave among modern parents.

From breezy Spanish El names oozing with warmth to offbeat vintage El revivals dripping with quirky charm, the world of El names offers an incredible variety for naming your newest addition. The best part? Many of these names smuggle in rich linguistic and cultural meanings under their laidback, two-letter fa├žade.

Get ready to fall in love with these swoon-worthy El name picks for both girls and boys! We’re dishing on the hottest El name trends for 2024 in this fun-filled parade of over 50 absolute gems.

For the Girls: Elegant El Inspiration

When it comes to El girl names, you’ve got a glossary of enchanting, feminine monikers just waiting to be appreciated. While some are undisputed classics, others offer a more unique, modern spin on El names.


More Ella Variations:

  • Ellie
  • Elly
  • Nora
  • Leonor

Let’s start with the El name that seemingly adorns every other baby carriage these days – Eleanor. This evergreen English stunner from the old Germanic roots “eln” (other) and “ar” (honorable) translates to the sublime meaning “bright one.” Its mega-popular adorable short form, Ella, has claimed her own contemporary queenly status as well.


The globally beloved Elena is the Slavic language variant stemming from the Greek “helene” meaning “bright one.” With its breezy, melodic sound and ties to a beloved Disney princess, Elena has enchanted U.S. parents alongside the alternate Elaina spelling. A fun fact? “Elen” or “Ailen” was an old Scottish diminutive form!


While oft-associated with the timeless classic Elizabeth, which has featured in England’s royal lineage for centuries, the truncated Eliza form showcases a more youthful, spunky image on its own. Whether you choose to use it as a complementary nickname or a full given name, Eliza puts a whimsical, retro-chic spin on the traditional “El” favorite.


Fancy a distinctly French elegant El name? You’re spoiled for choice with melodious picks like Elise (which means “consecrated to God”), or the irresistibly rhythmic Elodie (from the Germanic “elo” meaning “other” and the French “odele” for “wealth.”). These quaint Gallic darlings offer the perfect blend of modern minimalism and romantic, old-world vibes.


Speaking of romantic El names, the Italian and Spanish-derived Eliana and Portuguese/Spanish Elisa just ooze sun-soaked, soulful appeal. While Eliana means “the Lord has answered” from the Hebrew, Elisa translates to the pleasingly straightforward “consecrated to God.”

Other Lovely El Names for Girls:

  • Elora (mythological, means “bearer of courage”)
  • Elspeth (old Scottish gem, meaning “consecrated”)
  • Elvira (Spanish, literally “white” but with edgy Gothic cred)
  • Elva (German variation of “elf”)

Absolutely! Here’s an expanded list with 25 names in each section, along with meanings, origins, and additional notes to help with your article:

Names that Start with El For Girls

  1. Eleanor/Ella: (Hebrew/German origin) Meaning “light” or “other,” strong and classic. Variations: Ellie, Elly, Nora, Nellie, Leonora.
  2. Elena/Elaina: (Greek origin) “Shining light,” popular in many cultures. Pop Culture: Elena Gilbert in The Vampire Diaries.
  3. Eliza/Elizabeth: (Hebrew origin) “My God is an oath,” timeless with modern variations like Eliza, Liza, Ellie, Elzie.
  4. Elise: (French) Short for Elizabeth, conveys elegance.
  5. Elodie: (French origin) “Foreign riches,” sweet and lyrical choice.
  6. Eliana: (Hebrew origin) “My God has answered me,” popularity rising.
  7. Elisa: (Italian/Spanish) Variation of Elizabeth, beautiful and familiar.
  8. Elora: (Hebrew origin) “My God is my light,” unique with a poetic feel.
  9. Elspeth: (Scottish) Variation of Elizabeth, a charming vintage choice.
  10. Elvira: (Spanish/Germanic origin) Possible meanings “truth” or “elf warrior,” a name with a touch of mystique.
  11. Elva: (Gaelic origin) “White,” offers an ethereal yet modern sound.
  12. Emerald: (English) From the precious green gemstone, a vibrant and distinctive name
  13. Ember: (English) “Spark,” offers a fiery and passionate energy.
  14. Emilia: (Latin origin) “Rival,” exudes strength and femininity.
  15. Eloise: (French/Germanic origin) Possible meanings “healthy” or “famous warrior,” charming and classic.
  16. Elara: (Greek origin) Name of a moon of Jupiter, celestial and unique.
  17. Eliette: (French) Diminutive of Elizabeth or Eliana, adds a playful French flair.
  18. Elissa: (Phoenician origin) Variant of Dido, meaning “wanderer”, with a touch of the exotic.
  19. Elisha: (Hebrew origin) Feminine form of Elijah, meaning “My God is salvation”
  20. Estelle: (French) Meaning “star,” elegant and sophisticated.
  21. Ellaine: (Arthurian Legend) “the Fair Maid of Astolat,” adds a touch of romance.
  22. Ellen: Variation of Helen, retains the “light” meaning, simple and timeless.
  23. Electra (Greek origin) “Shining,” a striking name with connections to mythology.
  24. Eldora (Greek origin) “Gift of the sun,” a warm and radiant choice.
  25. Elowen (Cornish origin) “Elm tree,” a nature-inspired name with a gentle sound.

For the Boys: Enduring Classics and Fresh Faves

You’d be forgiven for thinking El boy names are few and far between – but this cool consonant-vowel combo has sired a surprising number of dapper, diverse options for the modern male baby. From biblical picks to retro revivals, these are the top trendy El names for boys right now.


Elliot is the English derivation of the biblical Hebrew name Elijah, which means “Yahweh is God.” With its association with precocious literary heroes like E.T.’s Elliot and strong yet sensitive celebrity bearers like Elliot Page, it’s remained a stylish mainstay. For an earthier, occupational twist, Ellis is the old English surname meaning “industrious.”


Speaking of biblical appellations, the full Elijah form has exploded into a Top 10 name for boys in recent years. Its adorable nickname Eli lends a friendly, down-to-earth charm that appeals across age groups.


If you want to sidestep the biblical route, Elias serves up a versatile, globalcrosscultural pick that works beautifully for all ethnicities and belief systems. It shares the same Hebrew origins as Elijah but has separate Greek and Spanish/Portuguese branches meaning “the Lord is my God.”


For the parent seeking a truly unique vintage El names for boys, whimsical choices like Elston and Eldridge offer a tempting slice of eclectic, old-world charm. While Elston means “from the source of a river,” Eldridge stems from an old English name blending the elements for “elf” and “power.”


Ah yes, the legendary Elvis – a iconic comeback kid among El names for boys. While forever linked to the swiveling hips and velvet vocals of Elvis Presley, this name originally derived from the Old Germanic name Alvis meaning “all wise.” Fits perfectly for your little rock star!

Names that Start with ElFor Boys

  1. Elliot/Ellis: (Hebrew origin) “My God is Yahweh,” popular and friendly feel.
  2. Elijah/Eli: (Hebrew origin) “My God is Yahweh,” strong biblical name with modern appeal.
  3. Elias: (Greek) Variation of Elijah, popular in different cultures.
  4. Elston: (Old English origin) “Noble one’s settlement,” vintage charm.
  5. Eldridge: (Old English origin) “Old ruler,” unique and distinguished.
  6. Elvis: (Old English origin) “All-wise,” iconic musical connection.
  7. Elmar/Elmer: (German origin) “Famous, noble,” with a friendly, old-fashioned vibe.
  8. Elton: (Old English origin) “Ella’s town,” musical connection to Elton John.
  9. Elroy: (French origin) “The king,” regal and bold.
  10. Elian: (Greek/Hebrew origins) Possible meanings “God has answered” or “sun,” with a warm and bright feel.
  11. Ellington: (Old English origin) “Ellis’ town,” jazzy connection like Duke Ellington.
  12. Ellison: (English origin) “Son of Ellis,” feels familiar yet distinct.
  13. Elwyn: (Welsh origin) “Fair friend,” a gentle and lyrical name.
  14. Emmett: (German origin) “Universal,” popular and strong.
  15. Elden: (Old English origin) “Old valley,” a nature-inspired name with a vintage twist.
  16. Ellio: (Latin/Greek origin) Diminutive of Elliot or Elias, with a modern touch.
  17. Elric: (Germanic origin) “Eternal ruler,” powerful and memorable.
  18. Elbert: (German origin) “Bright, noble,” classic and distinguished.
  19. Eliot: Variation on Elliot, often used for literary figures.
  20. Elden: (Old English origin) “old

Other Charismatic Options:

  • Elmar (German variation of “noble”)
  • Elmer (throwback occupational name meaning “emallard keeper”)
  • Elton (amalgam of the components “el” and “town”)
  • Elroy (vintage pick combining “elf” and “king”)

Double El Delights

For an extra helping of that irresistible vowel-forward sound, you can’t go wrong doubling up on the El factor. Twin El names pack a extra punch of style while still keeping things fresh and modern.

Absolutely! Here’s a list of 25 unisex names that start with “El”, along with their possible origins and meanings:

  1. Elliot/Elliott: (Hebrew) “My God is Yahweh,” a classic choice that works well for both genders.
  2. Ellis: (Hebrew) Variation of Elijah, meaning “My God is Yahweh”.
  3. Ellison: (English) “Son/daughter of Ellis”. A strong and distinctive option.
  4. Ellery: (English) Possibly meaning “alder tree” or a place name, offers a contemporary feel.
  5. Elwood: (Old English) “Elder wood,” a nature-connected unisex name with a rustic charm.
  6. Ellington: (Old English) “Ellis’ town,” has a touch of musical flair.
  7. Elston: (Old English) “Noble one’s settlement,” vintage with a modern edge.
  8. Emerson: (German/English) “Son/daughter of Emery” meaning “industrious” or “powerful”.
  9. Elwyn: (Welsh) “Fair friend,” a gentle and lyrical choice.
  10. Elvan: (Cornish) Possibly related to “elm tree” or a white/holy spirit, has an ethereal quality.
  11. Elgin: (Scottish/Gaelic) Possible origins “noble” or “white,” a Scottish place name turned unisex choice.
  12. Elroy: (French) “The king,” regal and slightly playful.
  13. Elisha: (Hebrew) A feminine form of Elijah, means “My God is Salvation”. Works well as unisex.
  14. Elara: (Greek) A moon of Jupiter, giving it a celestial and distinctive feel.
  15. Elden: (Old English) “Old Valley”, nature-inspired with a touch of wisdom.
  16. Eldridge: (Old English) “Old ruler,” feels both distinguished and unique.
  17. Eliot: (French) Variation of Elliot, with a slightly softer feel.
  18. Ellory: (English) Modern creation likely inspired by Ell- names, fresh and energetic.
  19. Ellsworth: (Old English) “Ella’s estate,” a classic name with a contemporary twist.
  20. Elden: (Old English) “Old valley,” a nature-inspired name with vintage appeal.
  21. Eleo: (Hawaiian) “Victorious voice,” a powerful and bright choice.
  22. Elektra: (Greek) “Shining, amber,” a strong unisex name with mythological connections.
  23. Eleven: (English) From the number, made popular by the show Stranger Things with a quirky, memorable feel.
  24. Elston (Old English) “Noble one’s settlement,” vintage charm with a modern edge.
  25. Elian (Greek/Hebrew) Possible “sun” or “God has answered me” meanings, bright and versatile.

So whether you want a single El or a double dose, there’s truly an embarrassment of riches to choose from in the awesome world of El baby names. Now let’s dive into some El name trends for 2024 we’re particularly excited about!

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